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Our Dogs

We've got dozens of beautiful greyhounds all waiting for somebody to give them a loving home.  Greyhounds come in numerous colours - black, brindle, white and black, blue and fawn.

Brindle is the most common colour for the breed, but there are probably more black dogs looking for homes than any other colour.  They are just as beautiful, loving and affectionate as any other colour so please don't discount them when considering homing a greyhound.

You'll see that we've split the dogs on our website into Boys and Girls.  Dogs are of course bigger than bitches - the typical height for a dog is between 71-76 cm, bitches are approximately 68-71 cm.  Both have a life expectancy of 10-14 years.

Some of our dogs have never raced, most are retired before they are 4 years old. 

All are spayed or neutered before homing.