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Soldier's Diary

Hello to everyone at RGT Brentwood from Soldier:  I thought I would send you all this email so that you can see how I'm getting on in my new home.
I have been here a month now, it seems a lot longer than that as I felt a part of the family from the moment I arrived.


I have been a very good boy (so mum and dad tell me all the time), I have only had a couple of accidents in the first couple of weeks, but have been fine since then.

I am left for 3 hours in the morning, and 3 hours in the afternoon Monday to Thursday, which I am fine with.
soldier2.jpgMy new bed is very comfy...

I am fine at night, although occasionally I might get woken up by a strange noise which makes me have a little bark...although the first time I did it mum and dad wondered what the hell it was as my bark is not so little!..more of a deep roar!
I am gradually starting to play with my new toys, although I didn't know what to do with them at first.

My Kong is my favourite at the moment.soldier3.jpg

I have met lots of different dogs on my walks down the lane where my new home is. All different shapes and sizes and I have made some new good friends.
Big news!

I have a girlfriend called Bella! She is a  golden Labrador and was rescued by my nan and granddad 3 years ago and is quite a feisty 6 year old.

We had our first date down by the river where we live and got on really well from the start.
Our second date was at her place, and although I was a bit nervous (I did a little wee in her house) things went really well.

Yesterday we had our third date when she came to my pad...and after dinner I went round to her house for the evening.
She had lots of nice toys which I took a liking too, but she didn't mind and let me play with them.
I tried out her bed....very comfy.......She seemed to like my bed too!

   soldier4.jpg     soldier5.jpg     soldier6.jpg
It was a lovely evening and we were worn out by 9 o'clock so settled down for a rest.....although I decided to stretch out and take up most of both beds!   Bella didn't mind though...
I am looking forward to seeing her again, and may be having a sleepover soon.
Mum and dad would like me to thank you again for letting them adopt me.  They love me very much, and I love them too...I am settled here and very happy.


Well I'd better go now as it will be dinner time soon...then a walk and catch up with my friends before settling down for the evening.
I will write to you again in a while to let you know how things are going with Bella.
Lots of love