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A big Thank You to everyone who donated to the cost of Millie's operation.

Marie of Greyhound Lifeline writes:

Millie's settling in quite well, she only arrived yesterday and she's in  foster care temporarily at my home until her adoptive owners can collect her in a week or two. She's joining my pack for an assessment session with  some excellent behaviourists on Friday.  I really trust their judgement having seen  amazing results with  some of our other "hard case" dogs first hand.

She's keen to go out for a walk and suitably inquisitive to be tempted into a few moments of bravery at other times too. She's met other breeds  of dog and played with a labrador, a westie and a jack russel off the  lead, but in the secure confines of our kennel paddock. She actually came  to me to be leaded up for the return walk to the kennel, which was a relief as I was worried about how we'd get her back without frightening  her once off the lead. She timidly approached a seated male stranger to give him the once over and given time I'm sure she'll become much braver.

 She's coping well without her foreleg and is certainly able to do a 10  minute walk already, longer ones I guess will take a bit of building up to. She's fairly OK with traffic and small numbers of people. She shies  away to a point, but is reassured by the calmness of my other greyhounds.  She'll be a "work in progress" for some time to come, but Sue's done a  great job of starting her off and getting her familiar with home living.